The story behind Marmott Énergies

Founded in Mont-Royal in 2010 by Nathalie H. Tremblay, the company holds a general contractor's license for buildings of all kinds (RBQ: 5723-7976-01). Our multidisciplinary team of geothermal experts, engineers and project managers have completed residential and multi-units projects in some twenty municipalities in Québec. The company is supported by Les Anges Investisseurs Québec and is a member of the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC) and Ecotech Québec.

We have now converted nearly 100 homes to geothermal energy. This amounts to a reduction in carbon emissions of 241 tonnes of CO2eq . This positive and ongoing impact will be added to by new conversions in subsequent years, resulting in a significant GHG emission reduction.

As a recognized geothermal expert, Marmott Energies participates in several research projects with the Polytechnique and the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS); collaborates in the publication of scientific and popular articles and is often called on as a lecturer at events related to geothermal energy, innovation, climate changes and the energy efficiency of buildings.

  • 2010 - Foundation of the company.
  • 2012 - First geothermal project.
  • 2013-14 - Development.