LogisVert makes geothermal energy more accessible than ever

Explanation of the LogisVert program

Hydro-Québec’s LogisVert assistance is a financial aid program aimed at encouraging homeowners and tenants to carry out energy improvement work in their homes. Eligible work includes insulation, heating, ventilation, lighting, and more. The LogisVert program offers grants for the installation of eco-friendly equipment and devices such as geothermal heat pumps, reducing the initial installation cost and helping to reduce the environmental impact for everyone.

The LogisVert program will be launched in the autumn of 2023 and will replace the existing grant program. Eligible renovations carried out since January 2023 are eligible for LogisVert program grants.

LogisVert Assistance Criteria (Hydro-Québec)

The heat pump must be installed in one of the following types of residences:

  • Single-family homes, semi-detached, row houses, mobile homes, or cottages;
  • Multiplexes;
  • Residential buildings with 19 units or fewer.

In addition, to be eligible, the residence must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an existing residence located in Québec;
  • Have a residential purpose;
  • Be supplied with electricity from one of the following networks:
  • Hydro-Québec’s network, under an electricity service subscription;
  • An autonomous network (excluding Nunavik);
  • A municipal or cooperative network.

Finally, the application for assistance must be submitted to Hydro-Québec within a maximum of nine months after the geothermal equipment installation date.

How does the LogisVert assistance work?

The financial aid application will be submitted by customers online through the LogisVert online portal at www.logisvert.ca within nine months from the installation of the geothermal equipment. Information and supporting documents will need to be uploaded to the platform for Hydro-Québec to process the application. Within twenty business days after receiving the application, Hydro-Québec will perform a compliance check to ensure the application is complete. Subsequently, a period of ten to twelve weeks should be expected to receive the financial assistance from Hydro-Québec.

The financial aid amounts to $750 per 1,000 BTU/h. This assistance is valid for a maximum of $250,000 per house and cannot exceed 100% of the equipment’s sale and installation cost.

For further inquiries

To learn more about eligibility criteria, subsidized measures, and potential enhancements, you can consult the participation guide or the program’s website . You can also register to be notified of the program’s launch on the program’s website. The new LogisVert assistance is an opportunity to seize to reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact.