Our Business Model

Our mission

Marmott Énergies' mission is to make geothermal energy financially accessible to the greatest number of people so that it becomes an economical alternative to polluting energies and thus helps us leave a greener planet to future generations.

Our innovative approach

Marmott Energies offers you a turnkey solution by investing in the installation and maintenance of your home's geothermal system. With the Marmott Energies model, instead of paying between $ 25,000 and $ 40,000 for a system, your initial contribution will range from $ 0 to $ 10,000 depending on the available grants. We thus allow you to reduce your monthly energy bill with little or no initial investment.

A winning business model for all

Our innovative "Energy-as-a-Service" business model breaks down barriers to the mass adoption of geothermal energy and provides a win-win solution for citizens, businesses, the community and the planet. The model makes Geothermal energy accessible and competitive with other residential and industrial heating and cooling systems.

In return for a competitive and fixed monthly payment, we design and install geothermal systems for our customers. They can then avail themselves of the option where Marmott Énergies remains the owner of the equipment and so becomes their geothermal energy supplier. In this case Marmott Énergies takes full responsibility for the maintenance and replacement of installed systems, which is equivalent to a lifetime warranty. The customer maintains the option to buy the system at any time.


What type of building benefits from geothermal energy?

All residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings can be converted to geothermal energy. The transition to geothermal energy is always possible, wether the replace system is powered by oil, natural gas, propane or electricity. However, buildings with a forced air distribution system or a hot water heating system, which are heated with oil or bi-energy, will achieve the most savings. With modern techniques, we can drill both in the city and in the suburbs. In fact, with directional drilling, it is now easy to drill many boreholes in a restricted space, in urban and dense context.

A project with Marmott Energies through time

Sequence of work

Approximate duration Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Well drilling
Trench for insertion of pipes
Removing your old system
Installation of the heat pump
Getting started with the Geothermal System
The work will take between 2 and 4 non consecutive days.

The project consists of first inserting small pipes into the ground at depths of 50 to 600 feet. A heat transfer fluid will circulate in these pipes. An ultra-quiet geothermal heat pump is then installed in the basement of your home. The heat pump recovers the heat energy from the soil and transfers that energy to your existing distribution system.

Marmott Energies is proud to install WaterFurnace products.